Monday, February 6, 2012

Jacob Black, the Alpaca

Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner) looks like this Alpaca.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Book Spinning Tutorial Video

How to Spin A Book by an Aeroshems. Note that this video will teach you the basics. It will take at least a month to really master book spinning. That's the great thing with motor skills, all you need is time to practice.

The Ring 2: Bathroom Scene

Samara shows her powers through water bending.

Spongebob: World's Smallest Violin

Mr. Krabs: Oh, Boohoo, Let me play a sad song for you on the world's smallest violin.
Squidward: This is serious.
Mr. Krabs: I know, this really is the world's smallest violin.

Zebra Costume on African Savanna, Lions Attack

Two guys (Steve-O and Chris) wear a zebra suit on the African Savannah for the show Wildboyz. Best part when they get attacked by Lions!

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