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Apple iPhone 5 Event

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10:50 I guess the event ends here. I'll post summaries later :)

10:42 the Foo Fighters perform

10:40 Tim Cook is wrapping up

10:39 "The best iPods we've ever done"

10:38 prices: shuffle $49, nano $149, iPod touch $199 16GB, $249 16GB

10:37 Earpods included with iPhone 5, iPod 5th gen, & iPod nano 7th gen

10:36 "the shape is defined by the geometry of your ear, they don't create a seal like in-ear headphones do, instead it directs sound into the ear, provides a consistent listening experience from one person to the next, by letting air flow in and out of the acoustic chamber, it allows the speaker to move more freely and produce better low-frequency sound"

10:34 redesigned earphones, called EarPods

10:32 now talking speakers

10:32 white, black, blue, yellow, red

10:31 Siri on the iPod touch

10:30 bluetooth 802.11a/b/g/n, bluetooth 4.0

10:30 1080p on backside, 720p on frontside

10;29 you can now attach wrist straps called "Loops" to the iPod touch

10:28 5MP, hybrid IR filter, 5 element lens, sapphire crystal f/2.4 (same as the iphone, except the MP)

10:27 now the camera

10:27 40 hours of music playback, 8 hours video

10:26 available this holiday season.

10:25 demoing an interactive game that can be touched (he's tickling it). it also can see via the camera

10:24 now demoing a game, Clumsy Ninja, to the iPod touch.

10:22 6.1mm thickness, 4" retina display in the iPhone 5, iOS 6, A5 chip = 7x faster graphics

10:21 "iPod touch is the most popular iPod we make, and it's the world's most popular music player, but it's also the world's most popular game player as well."

10:20 now talking about the iPod touch

10:20 video to the nano, photo viewing, multitouch, fintess apps, bluetooth connection to earphones, lightning connector, 30 hours of music

10:18 white, black, purple, green, blue, yellow, red

10:18 tiny ipod touch

10:18 now 38% thinner iPod nano

10:17 now talking about the iPod nano.

10:16 "we've sold over 350 million iPods"

10:15 now Greg Josiwak for the iPod

10:10 still talking about itunes UI (not much interesting going on)

10:07 Jeff robin on stage for iTunes

10:06 iTunes now have iCloud built in

10:06 "now iCloud makes all your purchases available to all of your devices"

10:05 redesigned iOS store

10:02 tim cook on stage. now talking iPod and itunes

10:00 "you can start to pre-order this Friday, Sept 14." shipping sept. 21 in the US, canada, UK, france, Germany, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. 21 more countries a week later, 100 countries by the end of the year

10:00 16GB for $199, 32GB for $299, $399 for 64GB for a two-year contract, same as 4S
9:59 now talking prices

9:52 now summarizing iPhone 5 features

9:52 black & white iphone

9:51 these are only 10 of the more than 200 new features in iOS 6, phil back on stage

9:50 "we've integrated Facebook into many of the apps in iOS"

9:49 You can also ask Siri about movies. you can also post to facebook via Siri

9:48 Siri. "Siri now knows all about sports, I can ask questions like: how did the 49ers do last weekend?" (Siri answers with scores)

9:45 passbook app, photsharing

9:44 now showing notifications app, safari (not much interesting)

9:40 maps application

9:40 Scott forestall now called on stage for demo

9:32 iOS 6!

9:38 lightning connector, 8 pin, can be plugged in either way

9:38, wifi for synching & earphones

9:37 now talking about the dock connector

9:36 improved speakers, improved earpieces with noise cancelling

9:35 three microphones now, bottom, front, back

9:35 720p FaceTime

9:34 "the camera is amazing for taking pics but also great for video"

9:33 the iPhone 5 does large panoramas, the current image shown in 28 MP

9:32 "so we've taken the iPhone 5, taken pictures of it, and these are from the camera, untouched"

9:31 faster photo capture

9:31 sapphire crystal protected lens

9:30 now talking camera, 8MP sensor, 3264x2448, backside illumination, hybrid IR filter, five-element lens, f/2.4 aperture

9:29 now talking battery life. (in hours)

9:27 "see the reflections? the car on the track reflecting dynamically on the bodywork, rearview mirrors that actually function as mirrors"

9:26, demoing Real Racing 3, "they're running entirely on the power of the new iPhone, The graphics have been built to full console quality"

9:26 "Rob Murray: we've known that creating the ultimate racing experience on iOS, with the new iPhone, let's take this to a new level"

9:25 Rob Murray from EA studios, now on stage

9:25 "22% performance jump"

9:24 "A6 chip, 2x faster graphics"

9:23 "The iPhone also now has WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n"

9:23 now listing world network partners for LTE.

9:21 now annoucning LTE (again, as rumored.)

9:21 They've integrated the touch sensors on the display itself (as rumored), hence 33% thinner screen

9:20 "Everything you do looks gorgeous, This display has 44% more color saturation than iPhone 4S display", full SRGB

9:19 now talking about updates on iWork

9:18 "all the software on the iPhone 5 has been updated"

9:17 "but the new screen is a 4-inch display",16:9 aspect ratio,326ppi,"with added vertical pixels, we can add a 5th row of icons to your home screen"

9:16 "new iPhone 5 is just 7.6mm thick, 18% thinner than iPhone 4S, volumetrically it's smaller as well, weighs 112 grams, 20% lighter than iPhone 4S."

9:14 "made entirely of glass and aluminum, iPhone 5 is the thinnest phone we've ever made"

9:14 "today, we're introducing iPhone 5"

9:13 (Phil talking about how revolutionary the first iPhone was)

9:12 (Phil Schiller called on stage)

9:12 "Now today, we're taking it to the next level, we have some very exciting news to tell you about iPhone"

9:12 "Last quarter, we sold our 400 millionth iOS device"

9:10 "we've recently crossed 700,000 apps in the store, 250,000 iPad apps"

9:09 "iPads are being used by everyone, educators, students, enterprise"

9:08 "Yes we are in a post-PC world"

9:07 now talking about the iPad. "just last quarter, we sold a whopping 17 million iPads"

9:07 "over the last year, the Mac has significantly outgrown the PC"

9:06 "also we released a new MacBook Pro, stunning retina display, the best Mac we've ever made"

1905 Now talking about the number of Apple Stores in the world, now the Mac.

9:04 (Apple store video with some music.)

9:02 Tim Cook now on stage, talking about a new Apple Store in Barcelona, designed for 2.5 years, also using limestone from the local quarry.

9:52 This is my first time live blogging, so bear with me, LOL. September 12, 2012

[via Ars]

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