Sunday, October 10, 2010

Philippine Ghost Stories

Pinoy Scary Blog
Pinoy Scary Blog

Halloween is fast approaching. During this time, Pinoys tend to search for the term "Philippine Ghost Stories". Pinoys just love ghost stories (hence books with ghost stories that are selling big). is a website that hosts user submitted ghost stories and pictures. I hope you enjoy Philippine Ghost Stories on this website.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Megaman Legends 3

Hello, I am Inafune.
Finally we are announcing a sequel to the Rockman DASH!
I am sure many of you were waiting for this, but no one has been waiting for this project as much as I have.
I really, really wanted to make it, but the previous title just didn’t sell, and as a company that makes it extremely difficult to proceed.
At times I wasn’t sure myself if we could do it, but now I am filled with courage and really getting into this project.
I have been dreaming about making DASH 3 for so long that it may just burn out.
But, I am making sure we properly make this an amazing title, and I personally intend to take part in this title more than any other game right now.
I hope you are all excited about DASH 3.
“What happened since DASH 2?” is something I want you all to think about. Of course, I intend to have all that written into the game.
Also, we are taking on the challenge of making a new game. I will talk about the details at a later date.
We are not simply creating DASH 3, but we are creating a game that everyone will be able to enjoy, so please wait for more details.
From me, a very, very happy Inafune. Thank you very much!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Win a Sennheiser HD 800!

From John Falcone's (Sennheiser CEO) twitter:

How would you like a FREE HD800 #Sennheiser headphone? Stay tuned, right here for details. $1400 retail value, arguably the best in class!

#Sennheiser is giving away a pair of demo #HD800's. Details will be posted here shortly. Give away will occur on 10/31/10.

And i'm joining twitter.

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