Sunday, October 3, 2010

Megaman Legends 3

Hello, I am Inafune.
Finally we are announcing a sequel to the Rockman DASH!
I am sure many of you were waiting for this, but no one has been waiting for this project as much as I have.
I really, really wanted to make it, but the previous title just didn’t sell, and as a company that makes it extremely difficult to proceed.
At times I wasn’t sure myself if we could do it, but now I am filled with courage and really getting into this project.
I have been dreaming about making DASH 3 for so long that it may just burn out.
But, I am making sure we properly make this an amazing title, and I personally intend to take part in this title more than any other game right now.
I hope you are all excited about DASH 3.
“What happened since DASH 2?” is something I want you all to think about. Of course, I intend to have all that written into the game.
Also, we are taking on the challenge of making a new game. I will talk about the details at a later date.
We are not simply creating DASH 3, but we are creating a game that everyone will be able to enjoy, so please wait for more details.
From me, a very, very happy Inafune. Thank you very much!

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