Saturday, April 10, 2010


Jejemon is a word recently coined around the Philippine internets. Basically, A Jejemon is a person that types this way:

Lil Zuplado: Amfuuuffuuuu pOwHz!!!
Lhady Malditah: oH vHaK3T kA nA nAmaN GaL!+
Lil Zuplado: sAyAn6 YuN6 VIP tiX ko sA PaRaM0r3 c0NcEr+ KAgABi. !N!LaGaY kAm! sa LiK0D n6 G0LD!


Another Jejemon sighting:

Why are Jejemons annoying? I can't understand what their typing.


  1. waaaahhh jejemon is invading the world. . .
    no space for you JEJEMON!!!!

    its me the BEBEMON

  2. ahhh kaya pala jejemon... now koh lang na intindihan hehehe pasenxa na poh...

  3. Hmm well jejemons are really irritating..
    but other people thing its fun...

  4. Being a jejemon is really stupid. I mean, come on! You type stupidly and spell stupidly and for what? You think you'll be part of the trend? Jejemons are people who have low IQs who think they are smart just because they have their own language. I approve leetspeak but not jejemon. Leetspeak IS MORE UNDERSTANDABLE AND HAS MORE SENSE THAN JEJEMON. trust me people. this is coming from a twelve year old girl.


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