Monday, March 8, 2010

Sisig Recipe

Sisig is a Filipino dish made from the face of a pig and its liver. It may sound disgusting at first, but sisig is really satisfying! Sisig is also a common beer mate.

Sisig derives its name from a sizzling plate since it is served in one. It complements the Sisig since the sizzling gives off aroma. It also makes that characteristic sizzling sound. Egg is added on top while sizzling and the egg gets cooked.

You went to the right place for a Sisig recipe. Sisig is really easy to make! Here is a link to a sisig recipe. You can find a free recipe there. I don't know how to cook Sisig, that's why I can't give you a sisig recipe. Also, try googling "sisig recipe" because you might find a better one.

For people like me who doesn't know how to cook Sisig and can't find a sisig recipe, I'd just buy one from a can and put it on stove. Easy, right?

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