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George Bush Shoe Attack Video

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An Early Christmas Gift From Google

Monday, December 1, 2008

Danag: A Filipino Vampire

So just what is a danag?

A Danag is a Filipino vampire. According to legend, The
danag helped people by planting taro on the land. The danag and the humans had a good partnership. But one time, a woman cut her finger, and the danag sucked her wound, and enjoyed the taste. The woman died because her blood was drained. Since then, the danag is considered evil.

An anonymous contributor added that:
'Danag' is a very old Visayan (Cebuano) word that means 'image/silhouette in the dark'. I haven't heard of any legends about them. I don't know where S. Meyers got hers. But our farmhands said these beings move as 'fast as the blink of an eye'.

Another anonymous contributor added that:
Danag was also mentioned in a book by a local Filipino writer David Hontiveros in his book "Parman".
And this book by Hontiveros was published prior to the publication of Twilight. So it seems that there are some Filipinos who really are familiar [or have heard] of it.

[Parman author site here]
Parman book cover.

Another contributor:

hey danag is also a word from one of the dialects in philippines. from area of luzon, ILOCANO dialect which mean "worries/ worry" i guess. hehehehehe

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