Friday, April 4, 2008

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Pictures Of InterOrgans Kidnap Victims

You want to see pictures of the kidnap victims of the so called InterOrgans gang? You want to see pictures of children without internal organs? This is the only site in the internet that shows it uncensored.

Before I show you the pictures, I'd just like to ask, why would you want to see them? What would be entertaining when you see helpless children without their internal organs? Are you some sort of war freak or a saddist to even believe this rumor and even want to see the pictures?

According to the rumor, a gang called "interorgans" kidnaps children, harvests their internal organs, leaves cash, and sells the collected insides to the black market. It now has also spread in Cavite. Sick. Who would invent a rumor like that?

I can almost hear you frapping, "it's not a rumor, i saw someone this and that without internal organs somewhere here" or "someone told me this and that he saw a child wihout internal organs bla bla bla" or "my classmate's best friend's cousin's classmate saw a victim" or even "i saw someone taking a child and taking their internal organs".

Do you watch the news? Do you see some indication that this gang exists? If you see this in the news, and they say it's real, then it's real, and you win.

So, will I show you the pictures? How will a person show you the pictures when he contradicts the very existence of these pictures? Try finding it in some other place around the web, or even create photoshopped pictures of this so called InterOrgans syndicate. Forget it, the rumor isn't true, and there are no pictures here.

If you dont get it, read it again or give up.
It's April Fools day!

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