Sunday, November 2, 2008

ePSXe Config Guide

ePSXe is a PlayStation Emulator which allows you to play your old playstation games on your computer. It's pretty hard to setup. You need a bios file, plugins, and proper configuration.(UPDATE: all files available here [magnet link])

This post will guide you through configuring ePSXe.

1. Download the files
a. Download ePSXe here.
b. Download a GPU plug-in
c. Download a CDR plug-in
d. Download an SPU plug-in
e. Download SCPH1001.bin.

2. Put it all together
a. Extract to a directory.

b. Extract,, and to the Plugins Folder.

                   d. Copy SCPH1001.bin to the BIOS Folder.

3. Plugins
a. Run ePSXe.exe

b. The config setup how pop up. If not then go to Config->Wizard Guide

c. Continue pressing next, these are the stuff that you should choose:

d. scph1001.bin - USA
- no settings

e. Pete's D3D Driver 1.77
- Click on config. There are two preset settings on the lower left corner: "Fast" and "Nice". If you have fast system, select "Nice". If not, select "Fast". Try changing the color depth if it doesn't work. Also, try experimenting with the settings.

f. P.E.Op.S. Dsound Audio Driver 1.9
- no settings to change

g. P.E.Op.S. CDR Driver 1.4
- Click Config. Select your OS on "Interface". Select the drive to be used. Insert a PlayStation CD on the drive, then click "Try Auto Detection". Click Ok

h. Controllers
- To see the controls, click on "Controller 1".

i. Click Next, then Done

4. Run your game!
Insert your Playstation CD on the drive then click File->Run CDROM!

If you have any questions, comment here.

Disclaimer: I will not be responsible for any harm on your PC. I do not condone piracy. Note that you can only use this legally and posses SCPH1001.bin if you have a real PlayStation. Use at your own risk!

EDIT: If you get the error "Zlib1.dll is missing" or the like, you can download zlib1.dll here.


  1. glad to see you're back to blogging again and without the annoying "invitational only" set up.

    be confident of what you write, just be sure though that you don't write anything too personal or something unethical.


  2. Hi there! Ive followed these steps and all configuration was ok... but when i start ePsxe --> run ISO, all i can see is darkness not even a beep on sound. What am i doing wrong?? I have a dual core 2.8,1GB Ram and built in video card.

  3. try another ISO file, or try another graphics plugin.

  4. when i try to open psxe it says im missing zlib1.dll and ive tried reinstalling and everything what should i do

  5. When i ran my PSX Game, everything worked great except for one small thing... Everything is running at like 10x speed. If you would like i could record my screen to show you what i really mean.

  6. jinx, sorry for the late reply

    have you solved your problem? if not try these steps:

    Go to Config->Video->Configure
    on the framerate section, check "Use FPS limit", then tick "FPS limit (10-200)" then write 60.

    If that does not fix it, Go to the task manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del), then right click on "ePSXe.exe", then select "Set Affinity", then check only one CPU.

  7. my main problem is that, when i want to play suikoden 2 on ePSXe, i need to load the file from the previous suikoden, but when it said if i want to load it, and i choose yes, the saved filed won't said that i don't have any suikoden 1 saved file..
    what should i do?
    thank u..

  8. thanks.................................

  9. help me someone
    why when me will play game ps of just to 1 this always fail
    and this its notification
    epsxe opcode [18-613a3864] in PC [bfc00000] UNKNOWN [00000000:000:0]

  10. This blog post had officially became the most helpful blog post I've ever found by the time I finished configuring my ePSXe 1.70. Thank you so much.

  11. Wow I realise this is old so you may be bored of replying/not replying but I've followed every step in this very useful guide but every time I try to run a CDROM it just crashes with no particular reason. Any idea what to do about that?

  12. JPBStory: Try ripping it as an ISO. What game is it? FF has it's quirks, but fixable.

  13. I am clicking on the link you posted but when it has 1% of the download left it asks for a password. If you know the password please tell me or let me know an unprotected download!!

  14. if you have a torrent manager, please use the (new) magnet link above.

    in utorrent, use add torrent from url, then paste this: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:7F33F0B6FAC1584958DA7DB532825CF2B64671A5

  15. I try to run a CDROM and epsxe stops working can anyone help?

  16. Good day sir.. I am using an external CDROM... and when i am starting to run the rom... just showing a plane black background... can you help me on configuration???? thanks in advance...

  17. If I have windows 7 wich IOS should I choose on the interface menu?

  18. why everytime i try to run a CDROM always fail n and this its notification
    "the memory could not be read" ??? can anyone help me?

  19. when ever i play a game it says opcode unknown plz help

  20. When I download the plug ins, they turn into folders and not .zip files so I can't extract them. I have a mac. What do I do?


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