Friday, October 31, 2008

Overclock Misadventure

I tried overclocking my CPU.

If you understood that sentence, you are a computer geek.

If not, then read this explanation:

Overclocking - Making a computer component run at a higher clock rate. In simple terms, making/forcing it to run faster. Don't do it, it voids your warranty.

CPU - here in the Philippines, a CPU is that plastic box that holds the motherboard, power supply, etc. But it originally pertains to your processor.

I've done this before on my graphics card, though not on a CPU.

So here is the story. I have an Intel E4600 that runs on 2.4 GHZ with a bus speed of 200 MHZ on a 12x multiplier (200 x 12 = 2,400). After some research, increasing the bus speed to 250 MHZ will increase the clock to 3 GHZ (250 x 12 = 3,000). So I opened my BIOS settings and did just that. After that I decreased my memory clock from 667 MHZ to 625 MHZ (2.5x).

So I restart and try to boot. Drum roll please.....

And I get nothing! The PC wont boot! I Panicked!

Think, think, think.....

And an Idea! remove and replace the CMOS battery. This should clear the BIOS.

*Dropped the case a bit.*

That could be bad for the hard drive.

So I boot. POST passes, but no Windows?

I thought I effed up my hard drive, but it was just booting from the wrong drive.

Changed back the settings, and everything seems okay.

So here it is again, back at normal speeds.

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