Tuesday, February 19, 2008

How much does PayPerPost pay?

Since bloggers suddenly increased in the millions, ways to make money through blogging. It called PayPerPost. Advertisers tell you what to post about, and you get paid for every post! easy, right?

My PPP provider, blogsvertise.com, sent me my first $6.25 payout through paypal by just posting about some game. blogsvertise gives you tasks, (like posting, adding links to your site, homepage banners). When those tasks are completed, they pay you $4-$25 per task done.


  1. Reply to your comment in one of my blog posts:

    paul0: R4DS is legal, but using them for games that you DIDN'T buy makes it ILLEGAL. It'll only be legal if you own the original game. This games are copyrighted, it's just like hosting mp3 files.

    @paul0 - yep i know. just don't tell me that you haven't used a cracked software since you were born... ^_^

    I'm also sharing a cracked SimpleViewer btw, and it's not legal ^__^

    On the other hand, It's just like Limewire. Limewire itself is legal. But using Limewire to share mp3s and other stuff is illegal, but, the sole purpose of Limewire is file sharing (most of the files are copyrighted), so basically it's also illegal.

    Sharing copyrighted files are illegal. If you're 100% honest and just, please don't download copyrighted materials, because it's not legal anyway.

  2. hi there!
    nag drop lng aq
    sa entre

    ganti ka?
    daan ka lng
    po sa blog ko..
    bye po.

  3. @jehzeel: sana ndi mo na nilagay d2 yung comment ko..... pero okay lang! :)

    @julia: thanks po sa pag drop at sa pag link!


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